L I B E R T Y   P E A R L   P H O T O   &   F I L M   C O L L E C T I V E

B R A N D   P A C K A G E   /   B E   E L I T E


When Amber got in touch to ask me to rebrand her photography business I was over the moon. Amber has run her hugely successfully business for 8 years and was looking to create an exciting new look for Liberty Pearl Photo & Film Collective. 

This was a dream brief to work on, bringing the brand values of simplicity, elegance and style together as one in a fresh new look. 

Nature was the key inspiration for the new branding, featuring a forest green colour palette and fern leaf to represent local weddings. As well as a second concept designed in a deep sea blue colour palette and palm leaf representing destination weddings. 

The branding is pulled together as one with the use of super elegant typography mixed with a simple sans serif font conveying simplicity and modernity.


B R A N D   P A T T E R N S

C O L O U R   P A L E T T E

S E C O N D A R Y   L O G O   &   S U B M A R K