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My design studio is based in Devon where I live with my husband & two young children. I LOVE living by the sea, I grew up in Cornwall so being by the sea has always been my happy place. 


Noticing & appreciating design has been a part of me for as long as I can remember, the way a font flows & curves on a logo, the precision in spacing between letters on an advert, the use of colour to create mood, the teeny illustrated detail on packaging, the way the texture of the paper feels in a fancy notebook or the way a layout flows in a magazine article.

All of these little design details that could go unnoticed are the details I love and this is reflected in my work ethos & signature design style.

Design is my thing & that's why I strive to create brands with love, care & attention to detail. Having a career in design was always going to be my path, creativity runs through my blood & I could not imagine doing anything else (unless Hotel Chocolat call me to be a taste tester, maybe I could do that one day a week?) but seriously working with small businesses & solopreneurs is my passion, helping them to grow & create a strong brand identity.

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Alice Perry Designs Portraits - Feb22--89.jpg

Obviously I love design, you must have guessed that by now, if not where have you been?


     I also love...   



My husband, my children, my family - they quite simply are the best.

Beach walks, especially on a cold, crisp, sunny autumn day, there’s something about the sea    that gives me such a sense of calm. 

Gin, yep it’s my tipple! Summer, winter, whatever the season... I'm here for it.

Reading, although these days I only manage approx. 3 pages a year with two little ones keeping me busy.

Pizza nights with great friends!

Knitwear, I don’t think you can ever own too     many jumpers. It’s a fact.


You may have spotted my brand mascot fluttering over some of my website pages?

The butterfly symbolises transformation, change, growing, hope & life, when you think about it these reflect the process of creating your branding or even rebrand, like the butterfly I want to help transform and grow your business, taking you out of your cocoon to become a brand that is ready to fly!


enough from me...



B R A N D   P A T T E R N S

C O L O U R   P A L E T T E

S E C O N D A R Y   L O G O   &   S U B M A R K


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